(Aug, 2020) Newsletter



 2020) Newsletter

SAM (Sign Component Manual)

-  Our products including LED flexible strip, LED rigid strip and LED neon strip, are all listed in the SAM certified by UL879 with file No. of E516364.

- SAM is a database that records all qualified components used in building electric signs.

- The SAM list products are tested with the UL879 standard, to meet safety and installation requirements outlined by the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.

- Directly choosing components out of the SAM can save valuable time in designing and sourcing of the LED sign components. 

- The manufacturing process can also be streamlined since the Conditions of Acceptability for each component is clearly stated in the SAM. More importantly, 

  if a sign is built with components from the SAM, then the sign is exempt from safety tests, and the UL certification process can be expedited significantly.

- For large sign installations, it is also possible for a local safety representative to conduct onsite inspection for compliance. This saves time and money by 

  shortening the lengthy and cumbersome safety application and testing procedures.

Would you like to know more details? We will respond as soon as possible in 24 hours, once receiving your following request.
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